• Marketing Your Music On Spotify

    Thanks to the internet, there has been lots of changes to the ways we buy and sell products and services. Music streaming is one of several changes to the way we access entertainment and this is a positive for both content creators and consumers. Through services like Spotify, independent music creators can market their music

    Marketing your music on Spotify
  • Four Essential Roles You Need to Fill to Make It in the Industry

    There is so much talk about the various facets of the industry available to bands, recording artists, and DJ’s. Focus is usually on all of the roadblocks to success that keep independent music off the radio and only promote music made by major label artists who hardly need the promotion. These roadblocks are real, and

  • The Limits of Being an Independent Artist

    You can look at the limits of being an independent artist from one of two perspectives. The first perspective is all about being fierce with your independence and not accepting any collaboration with a record label (who will split the revenue with you) or even a PR agency. These are usually underground artists who take

  • The Role of Manager in the Music Industry

    As an artist, you want to work with people you can trust. There might be tons of ‘industry people’ out there offering to bring your DJ skills to the beaches of Ibiza without having ever met you in person. This kind of thing happens a lot in edm music, a genre with the most marketing

  • The Five Most Important Things to Look for in a Record Label

      Young bands or DJ’s starting to in music are naturally going to be super hyped if a record label approaches with an offer. The cut throat nature of the industry is such that artists feel obligated to take every opportunity that presents itself, and a record label coming forward with a deal is definitely

    The Five Most Important Things to Look for in a Record Label
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