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Social media marketing has become an important part of the overall promotional strategy that is used by companies. This is the reason social media sites like twitter have introduced several changes in the e-commerce solutions that they provide. The rumoured change allows the users to purchase music through the instant updates of the social media site. In this way, twitter wants to earn revenue through the service. This can be a huge development as many consumers are purchasing music through online sources.

There are other online services including Amazon MP3 and Apple iTunes store that provide music purchase services. These services have been present in the market for a long while. The purchase option for music on twitter can make it easier for consumers buy it online. Music labels can use twitter as a preferable market platform to sell songs to a wide range of users. Twitter presents a different approach to selling music that can be beneficial for the consumers and sellers both.

Music streaming has become increasingly popular but this move by Twitter can have detrimental effects on the already established business functions of the company. E-commerce solutions can be better for products that are physically sold but online music purchase requires a more detailed approach that Twitter lacks at the moment. However, using Twitter for marketing the music can be a profitable way of advertising the new songs that are released.

With Twitter’s new business approach, music enthusiasts can easily purchase their favourites songs. Music labels may need to change their approach to selling music and customise it to fit twitter’s interface.

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