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There are more and more aspiring, young music bands and artists emerging from every walk of life that try to be ‘make it big’ in the music industry. With album sales relatively decreasing, there is a rise in live performances when it comes to promoting an artist or a band. This has simultaneously increased ticket sales and merchandise sales also. Even though ticket sales are the sole-driven factor to encourage repeat customers and triumph of the performance, merchandising allows artist-fan engagement and considerably impacts revenues.

However, it might not be as easy as it sound. In order to have solid merchandise strategy, to be used as an effective tool for promotion at your gigs, can be a challenging task. Merchandising techniques should never be underestimated when it comes to either promoting your brand name across the widespread fan base or when you require generating revenue for your label, album or band. Selecting the right choice of merchandise can result in wonders for your music.

Merchandising provides you a personalised approach when it comes to connecting with your fans on a basic level. Musicians need to understand that it is their fans that promote them and raise them to success. Without their keen interest in your music, there is nobody out there who would listen to it if it didn’t appeal to them. Therefore, keeping you fans as a focal point for your underlying success can result in continued popularity. You might have a great record label, state-of-the-art recording studio, a comfortable rehearsal room, but setting up a merchandise table can probably have a substantial importance compared to the above factors.

Merchandise can be eventually being one of the most important channels to generate funds for your label or brand. It provides an opportunity to bank on your fans and turn them into walking and talking adverts for your music, which ultimately promotes your brand everywhere and anywhere they go. For example, promoting your music through selling t-shirts can be more effective than promoting yourself over banners and billboards. Possessing a good variety of merchandise can help increase your band profile and attract new fans.

Planning an effective merchandise strategy can be the key to promoting your label successfully. Begin with deciding the budget you have allocated to merchandise and stick to it. Identify the goals you want to achieve from the strategy, is it to simply give away promotional items or to raise funds. Try to be creative and trendy when it comes to producing merchandise for band. At lfocreations you will find a range of exclusive merchandise to choose from that we are providing in order to collect funds for further growth and improvement of our label.

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