How to make a professional electronic press kit for musicians

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How to make a professional electronic press kit for musicians

How to make a professional electronic press kit for musicians


The Advantages Of An Electronic Press Kit Are Many,In General , They Save The Costs Of Companies , In Terms Of Printing, Photo Reproduction And Postage Costs .
Branded Press Kit Is Fast, An Easy And Convenient Way To Reach And Engage Stakeholders.
Indeed  The Digital Documents Can Be Easily Shared.
The Unique Interactive Kit For Digital Printing Also Allows The Public Relations And Marketing Communications Professionals To Incorporate Hotlinks Within The Content That Connects The Professional Social Media And Directly To The Pages You Want The Company’s Web Site Or Blog .
In Fact, Many Of The World’s LargestDot Com Companies And Small ,  Now Use Electronic Press Kit Materials Instead Of Expensive Copy,And finally Get A High Value Benefit.

What Should Be Important to determine relevant contents?

A standard, offline press kit maybe of the type:

  • digital artwork : logo, screen shots,  photos,  etc.
  • generale brochure
  • product/service
  • media fact sheet
  • company backgrounder
  • management staff
  • biographies
  • customer/member testimonials

               How to create an EPK template?
1) Create an electronic letterhead template using high-resolution
( 300 dpi ) , onto Which all of the above – outlined content will be placed.

2) Choose nice applications for this template creation , software such as Adobe In design but also simply Acrobat and word can be easy tools for creating and often offer template.

3)Copy and paste the prepared content onto your  template.Be sure you keep a “blank” copy of your electronic letterhead template available for the next time.Is recommend that you create un-editable versions of these kit materials (PDF, better interactive)and lock the EPK, to safeguard design and contents.

4) Merge all your files that are an integral part of EPK in a zipped folder also, ready to be sent to magazines ,press office , blogs, potential customers.Upload it for be availing the same EPK through your website’s online pressroom.You should create a standard introduction to run in the message of your e-mails. For Example:

Subject: Name company EPK.

Dear (Name),hereby…. please find attached (name) Company’s press kit materials for your review.These materials are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.If you do not have the Acrobat Reader software required to view  these materials, you can download the software online free Also, if required, you can access each of these press kit files in our online web press room at


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