LFO CREATIONS is an emerging and independent music label focused on electronic music such as house, tech house and many other influences.

We are a strong and reliable partner for quality aspiring young artists who require that additional push in order to make it, whilst producing their own music and maintaining their artistic style.. We do things simple and straightforward and we are fully committed to bring our artists to success.
Our current customers’ base is constantly expanding. Here are a few reasons why more and more promising electronic music artists are choosing LFO CREATIONS as their indie label.

– We offer integrated services and support to artists who choose the self-record production such as providing distribution and marketing strategies, taking care of book keeping and royalty collection etc.

– We link our name with selected, promising and talented artists and we consistently help them to emerge.

– We work professionally with passion and transparency which are key ingredients  for success.

– We have a growing reputation and connections within the industry.

– We listen to our customers’ needs and we know that their success is our success.

Join us, and get your musical vision promoted, nurtured, and heard. LFO will make it happen!

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