Marketing Your Music On Spotify

Thanks to the internet, there has been lots of changes to the ways we buy and sell products and services. Music streaming is one of several changes to the way we access entertainment and this is a positive for both content creators and consumers. Through services like Spotify, independent music creators can market their music to a global audience.

With the right strategy, artists can get their music on some of the big Spotify playlists like Mint, Today’s Top Hits, New Music Friday and several others. In this post, we will briefly discuss some really important strategies that work.

Firstly, the Fundamentals

Spotify has been in the music streaming business since the late 2000s and has achieved far more than many felt it will achieve at the time of launch. There are currently over 70 million paid monthly subscribers and 150 million subscribers total.

As of 2017, the company accounted for 36% of streaming music subscribers worldwide. This means you have a great chance of reaching more people and making good money when you market your music appropriately on Spotify. Signing up and getting verified is a lot easier now. Managing your artist page is also more fun, thanks to the “tools” function. With such other analytics as the audience, songs, and playlists, artists are able to know how they are performing and how to improve things.

What Matters Most In Spotify Music Marketing?

When it comes to marketing your music on the Spotify platform, it is all about getting your music onto the biggest playlists. To keep things simple, we are going to consider the playlist system based on who create them. So, there are playlists created by:

·         Spotify officials

·         Major playlists

·         Indie playlists

Within the Spotify playlists, there are algorithmically generated playlists and editor-generated playlists. For the former, such things as Spotify saves, follows and listening habit will matter while the later will be determined by such things as genre and context. There are regional playlists too.

Major music distributors like Universal, Sony, and Warner have their own Spotify playlists called Digster, FILTR, and Topsify respectively. Once you are able to establish the relationship with major music curators you can pitch and have your song featured on top playlists. It can be more productive when you target smaller playlists from smaller regionalized offices of these major companies.

For independent/indie playlists, there are some created by well-known brands and others created by less known individuals. Discovering the best once with the right followers for your music and pitching to them is a good way to start.

Cracking the Charts

Getting your music into the charts is a true indication of success. There are global and regional charts and they are all available in the browse page under the charts tab. Top 50 Charts are majorly determined by raw number of streams while viral charts are determined by different metrics including social media shares, blogs, and tastemaker coverage, play rates and save rates among others.

Marketing Your Music On Spotify

Your marketing strategy should start even before your music goes live on Spotify. You must have identified the contacts to pitch to. Once the music is on Spotify and has its unique URI, you can copy and include it in the emails you send out to the curators.

Pitching is easy once you have the track URI. Most curators will want that and a private listening link (via SoundCloud, maybe). Give as much information as possible in a concise manner. It may be helpful to include past success you’ve heard on the platform. You also need to make the curators hear your track(s) as early as possible to give them enough time to consider adding your song to their playlists in their next editorial updates.

For indie playlists, it may be necessary to give them a shout-out or get them on the guest-list of your next show as incentives.

It is also important to follow up on your Spotify contacts. You can throw in some recent successes. Keep doing this until the end of your campaign.

What is contained in this article is information that can improve your chances of recording success in marketing your music in Spotify. Your effort and dedication will be critical to your overall success.

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