Dal 1993

LFOCREATIONS is a leading independent music record label, based in London and Milan that specializes in electronic music such as house, tech house , deep house, techno and many other influence.
LFOCREATIONS has been making a as "the right place to be" for quality aspiring young artists that require that additional push in order to make it, whilst producing their own music and maintaining their artistic vision in full. We do things simple and straightforward, we are simply a different proposition, one that will make all the difference for you in the music world!
We offer integrated services for artists who go the way of self record production, providing the necessary ingredients for successful distribution, marketing, bookkeeping and more.Because we have always, from the start, were picky about our choices, Choosing only genuinely promising artists to promote. Our vision, our mission, is helping a community of talented artists grow and develop.  Our motto has always been combining very hard work with a lot of fun, which is the true way of success in the industry. LFOCREATIONS does not compromise - we put out quality end products, we won't have it any other way!
 We have a growing reputation and connections within the industry.
 We provide essential services for emerging artists, such as collecting royalties, consulting and devising successful marketing strategies, and we do it with fairness, transparency, and a true desire for developing a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with our artists.
 As you can understand, we strive, and succeed, in providing 100% satisfaction for the clients. We encourage client input in order to make sure that our artists' needs are fully met at every junction.
Join us, and get your musical vision promoted, nurtured, and heard. 

Your success in music starts at LFOCREATIONS! Send your demo

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