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Why Brands Choose Spotify As The New Partner Advertising? That you need to know.

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http://www.lfocreations.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Hnet.com-image-1.gif As an owner of a young brand as I am,  I  know how challenging and complicated is to gain visibility starting from scratch. The digital world today offers several tools to launch marketing campaigns, profile and target potential customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; YouTube are the most common social media which are considered and used for reaching customers and spread

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This Week’s Top Stories About, How To Works Spotify’s Algorithm, And Why You Should Know, Too

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If you’re a musician, then you are probably aware of how Spotify has changed the process of achieving recognition and helping you to make a name for yourself or your band. When it was first launched, no one expected Spotify to be anything more than another playlist site where people could download and, organize music that was already being played

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Marketing Your Music On Spotify

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Thanks to the internet, there has been lots of changes to the ways we buy and sell products and services. Music streaming is one of several changes to the way we access entertainment and this is a positive for both content creators and consumers. Through services like Spotify, independent music creators can market their music to a global audience. With

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