This Week’s Top Stories About, How To Works Spotify’s Algorithm, And Why You Should Know, Too

If you’re a musician, then you are probably aware of how Spotify has changed the process of achieving recognition and helping you to make a name for yourself or your band. When it was first launched, no one expected Spotify to be anything more than another playlist site where people could download and, organize music that was already being played on the airwaves.

Today, Spotify has over 150 million total users, with about half of those being paid subscribers. In order to effectively market your music on Spotify, you have to understand how Spotify works. When a user listens to specific artists or tracks on the site, Spotify takes record of what they gravitate to and makes personal recommendations.

What does that mean to you, the musician? It means that if you have a sound that’s similar to a popular artist, then you have the opportunity, in theory, to be placed on a list and be introduced to new listeners.

Spotify runs on an algorithm that utilizes specific data to match songs too frequently used genres. While some complain that this is limiting to music discovery among all audiences and pressures musicians to all adopt similar sounds, take a moment to consider the fact that if a particular user only listens to R&B, and your sound is jazzy blues, then they probably wouldn’t like your track even if it were presented to them.

What this can really provide musicians with is an opportunity to firmly brand their image and musical voice. While popular artists will always have the bulk of the listeners on Spotify, streaming apps are beginning to turn the music industry around. In fact, 2017 was the first year in nearly a decade that saw an increase in the revenue generated within the music world. This increase clearly shows that more people are turning to streaming services, which reasonably increases the variety of listener preferences on the app.

This could very well lead to a new Spotify experience, as it adjusts to the broader scope of user demands. As Spotify continues to grow, more artists will join, and a more diverse audience will begin to pursue the site for the music they love listening to.

In short, it’s the perfect time to get your music on Spotify. Contact LFO Creations Music for everything you’ll need to help make your Spotify debut as successful as possible.

LFO Creations, based in London and Milan, is a leading independent record label dedicated to helping promising new artists develop and market their music.

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