Why Brands Choose Spotify As The New Partner Advertising? That you need to know.

As an owner of a young brand as I am,  I  know how challenging and complicated is to gain visibility starting from scratch.


The digital world today offers several tools to launch marketing campaigns, profile and target potential customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; YouTube are the most common social media which are considered and used for reaching customers and spread advertising and brand awareness.


In this scenario, Spotify is increasingly gaining importance as a strong tool not only for listening and streaming music. The music itself has a strong “social effect” since it is bringing, by nature, people together. Music is life and lifestyle and Spotify perfectly uses this fact becoming a strong vehicle for promoting brands and attract customers and generate leads through paid ads. In other words, Spotify goes beyond demographics and device IDs alone to reveal our audience’s moods, mindsets, tastes, and behaviors.


Spotify has rapidly reached 217 million of users ( data of April 2019), less than Pinterest and Snapchat which are close 250 million users but offering, as far as my personal experience is concerned, a better efficacy through “quality leads”.

With this article, I will explain how Spotify helped boost my visibility and audience in a few months to + 980%. The strategy is based on the following steps.

You have a brand, a name and produced a certain number of songs. Then you are ready to be known and appreciated by the world of music lovers!


1. Create your own playlists

2. Paid ADV

3. Podcasting: telling your brand’s story


    •    Create your own playlist.

Start creating a new account Spotify and simply create your first playlists with your own music and brand. 

Now that you created the first branded playlists you need to highlight your brand by using ads, video, display, and audio format to enhance your message.

Driving your audience to your Spotify playlist through a direct link from your website or social media. A good strategy is using Ig stories. Spotify allows you to share your content through a direct share on stories IG. It’s free and effective!

    •    Paid ADV


Sponsored Playlist allows your brand to maximize awareness and visibility. Through Sponsored Playlist,  brands organize their songs around themes and help to connect with listeners and target audience on their favorite playlists. An easy and effective way to reach your audience. Your Spotify playlists could attract millennials and G zen generation through targeted ads with a low budget. ADV on Spotify are reasonably affordable, highly focused and dramatically increase Conversions and ROI. This is due to the fact that Spotify has collected dozen of millions of user’s listening behaviors.


Spotify goes beyond this. They can monitor the mood of listeners; in which activity they are involved. Once again Spotify uses the power of music and you have the chance to benefit from this.


    •    Podcasting

A brand, as well as an artist, has a story to tell. The story behind is a key aspect. There’s so much behind a “product”, music or a brand. There are a passion, creativity, and inspiration. There’s yourself… Share your thoughts and philosophy through social media: they are an added value and the best way to improve SEO on Spotify and not only.

It’s not a case if Spotify has invested 500$ million in podcasting and it became a priority deal for them. You can manually add your podcast to Spotify by going to podcasters.spotify.com. From there, you’ll be asked to enter your podcast’s RSS feed and to enter information about your podcast.

Start your journey now and bring your brand on a whole new level!


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